Social Media Advertising

Our team includes full-time ad specialists to help support you and your business. Our top priority is implementing the correct strategy for your business to help you accomplish your goals.

Facebook & Instagram Ads Management
We can develop & implementation multiple unique and/or ongoing campaigns each month to directly target your ideal prospects.


Over 1.5 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them and more than 900 million visit Facebook on a daily basis. When we run Facebook ads, we decide exactly what audiences see your ads. We can target your exact audience based on location, age, interests, behaviors, and lots more.

With Facebook ads, we decide exactly who we want to reach with our ads and Facebook will deliver the ads directly to those individuals. This makes our ads more relevant for the people who see them, bringing us high quality results.


Mobile phones and tablets are a huge part of our daily lives. People use phones and tablets every day to engage with their friends, shop online, stay connected, and generally communicate.

Over 700 million people use their mobile phones and tablets to surf Facebook every day and when they do, they see Facebook ads along with stories from their family and friends. With a perfect mix between their friends new pictures and our Facebook ads, users are more likely to see our ads and take action.


With Facebook Ads, people can get directions to your store, download your app, view your videos, sign up for your email list, learn about your cause, register for your event, add an item to a shopping cart, or take another action on your website. And that's just the beginning.

Our advertising specialist will setup tracking pixels on your website so that every action a user takes from your Facebook ads to your website is tracked in the Facebook ads platform.
Instagram ads help businesses share their story in a visual environment. Instagram ads are unique in the fact that they are shown exactly like an organic Instagram post but you can target individuals based on the exact same demographics as you can on Facebook. Facebook owns Instagram, so when they released Instagram ads they rolled out the ability to target users the exact same way as you're able to on Facebook.


With over 400 million users, Instagram is by far the most visual social platform in the world. This gives brands an amazing opportunity to showcase their services and products visually rather than through text. With Instagram ads, our team will tell your brand’s story through video and imagery in the following formats: Image ads, Video ads, and Carousel ads.


Instagram targeting is the exact same targeting as Facebook advertising. This is truly exciting because Facebook has the most advanced targeting platform in the world, no other social channel has the targeting capabilities that Facebook has. For Instagram ads, we can target people based on location, age, gender, interests, behaviors and connections.


Instagram ad analytics come directly from Facebook’s advertising platform. This is convenient, especially when your advertising specialist is running Instagram ads along with Facebook ads simultaneously. We provide analytic updates to our clients on an ongoing basis for their advertisements.
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