Capture and Convert More Online Leads With High-Converting Marketing Funnels & Landing Pages
Take your online marketing to the next level with custom landing pages, marketing funnels, and animated calls-to-action designed to increase conversions and increase your bottom line.
You're Missing Out On Business Right Now 
No matter how much traffic you are getting to your website, without the right capture and conversion tools in place, you are losing tons of business. Did you know that 98% of website visitors will leave a site without taking any kind of action? That's a lot of missed opportunities.

But, with high converting landing pages, lead capture tools, and animated calls-to-action, you can get a bigger piece of the pie. 

You Need A Smart Marketing Funnel
Effective online business starts with a Smart Marketing Funnel... and that requires a combination of market intelligence and the ability to strategically guide your prospects from the point of discovery to the point of purchase.
Why A Smart Marketing Funnel Matters

Most businesses focus on individual pieces of the marketing puzzle, but rarely on an overall strategy. Maybe it’s Facebook pay-per-click ads, or conversion rates, or search engine optimization. When you don’t pay attention to the overall process, you risk missing out on revenue at other levels of your marketing funnel.

. . . and that means you are probably leaving huge amounts of money on the table!

But with a smart marketing funnel in place, you have the ability to:
  • Qualify your leads like a pro

  • Develop a winning and persuasive argument that aligns with their views

  • Segment your prospects to skillfully assist them in discovering your offer

  • And guarantee that far more prospects will willingly spend their hard-earned money with you

How to apply a smart marketing funnel in your business…

The fact is that there is no one-size-fits-all funnel template. After all, every business and every market is different. But there are underlying principles that every successful marketing funnel shares. And to best determine the ideal structure for your business’ funnel is to have a conversation about your specific situation.

At Baer On Marketing, We Specialize in Creating High-Converting Pages, Marketing Funnels, and Campaigns
Opt-in Pages
Landing Pages
Webinar Registrations
Sales pages
Local Businesses
We can create everything from stand-alone landing page to full marketing funnels, complete with email and retargeting ad follow-up sequences.
Create animated pop-ups, conversion mats, and other marketing campaigns using our proprietary software, GROW.  We offer both done-by-you access to our SaaS platform as well as done-for-you managed service options.
As 22Social Certified Experts, we can help grow your list, engage your audience, run live events, and even sell your products or services directly inside your Facebook Fan Page using the most powerful Facebook Marketing Software on the market today.
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